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one out of a box

Proposed Budget

The prototype board is not a complete finished system, ie it only has two of five planned PBI slots. It does not include an enclosure. The developer will have to provide a DC power source of at least 24V DC upto 2A that uses a barrel connector. But it is a good starting point for development. Over time as the developers work with it and develop with it, I am certain some of the specs will change. I am almost certain that there will be a version 2 prototype board prior to the production version.

Prototype Board Manufacturing
Item Quantity Cost
Main Prototype Board 10cm X 10cm 10 $19.95
Internal Prototype Board 5cm X 10cm 10 $14.95
ECI2PBI Prototype Board 5cm X 10cm 10 $14.95
Tax: $00.00
Shipping: $ 22.50
Sub-total: $ 72.35
Prototype Parts Procurement
Item # per board $ per board $ x10 Cost
Main Board Parts 11 $ 10.00 $100.00
Main Board PS Parts 15 $ 19.62 $196.24
ECI2PBI Adapter Parts 2 $ 0.50 $ 5.00
Tax:$ 26.09
Shipping:$ 29.70
Prototype Subtotal Costs
Item Cost
Prototype Board Manufacturing $ 72.35
Prototype Parts Cost $357.03
Shipping Costs to Developers $225.00