This website is a gathering place for those who want to find out about the latest information on the 1090XLR project. And for those special developers who labor to bring the project to life.

one out of a box

Main bits

General information on donating.

This donation fund will help cover the costs associated with development of the prototype 1090XLR Expansion Box and related expenses in getting the prototypes into the hands of developers both here in the US in England, Germany and Poland. It will also help fund further development of the 1090XLR into a finished product. These costs include, but are not limited to parts, shipping, assembly costs, design/purchasing and manufacturing of an enclosure, hardware and software development by myself or those I enlist to help design/manufacture/test.


Unlike most donation pages, there's not going to be any trinkets, product, or sweaters given out to donors. I want 100% of the donations to go for actual product development, testing, shipping and developer tools.


Donation does NOT

cover any costs associated with the actual production or shipping of the finished box or cards. That will be covered in the final per box/card purchase price offered by the various developers. Nor does donation imply a discount on the purchase price of the finished product. But by covering the development costs with this fund, the price of the finished product will be lower than it would be otherwise.

Links to Donation Records

As promised I intend to keep records of all monies donated and spent in this project. This to keep me honest and to assure donors that their donations are being used for the purpose intended. These links will be updated usually on a monthly basis or as progress is made toward the ultimate goal.